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ABU Secretary-General addresses the 54th General Assembly of CBU

The Secretary-General of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Ahmed Nadeem, virtually addressed the 54th General Assembly of the sister union – Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU), held in Antigua and Barbuda from 14 to 16 August.

Sending warm greetings to the assembly delegates, Nadeem noted that despite geographical distances, both unions share common challenges, especially in small island nations, such as food, water, and energy insecurity, and climate change impacts.

ABU’s SG encouraged unity and learning from each other’s successes and experiences to overcome obstacles. He expressed gratitude for the incredible collaboration achieved so far, exemplifying the power of uniting the Global South.

He emphasized that since 2020, they’ve collaborated on the “Media Saves Lives” initiative, empowering communities through media education and positively impacting lives during difficult times.

The 54th General Assembly is celebrated as a tremendous accomplishment, with the theme aligning perfectly with the vision of “Celebrating the Contribution of Media to Caribbean Development.”