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ABU members participate in RTPRC seminars promoting media cooperation and exchange

ABU members participate in two seminars hosted by the Chinese government, and organised by the Research and Training Institute (RTI) of the National Radio and Television Administration of China (RTPRC).

Two members from Lao National TV (LNTV) are participating in the seminars on Radio, Television, and Film Production Technology for Belt and Road Countries, and News Media for Developing Countries.

Concurrently run between 15 and 29 August, the seminars are aimed at strengthening cooperation in the field of media, and promote the sharing of ideas and content among media professionals from developing countries in the field of audio-visual communication.

RTI, as an affiliate member of ABU, provided the ABU Secretariat and member organizations with 10-15 training seats of each seminar. The round-trip international flight tickets for the programs and the expenses for the seminars, accommodation, local visits and personal allowance during the stay in China was covered by the Chinese government.