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ABU set for “Hangzhou 2022” Asian Games

The 19th Asian Games, Hangzhou 2022 will begin in three weeks’ time. The Games will be held from September 23 to October 8, 2023 in China’s Zhejiang Province.

Preparation at the ABU are in full swing as the Union prepare to deploy its production crew at three sports venues. The three sports are Cricket, Squash and Sepak Takraw.

ABU’s crew of more than 70-members, one of the largest, comprises of directors, producers, cameraperson, and various other technical disciples from its members across Asia Pacific.

At the moment ABU Sports is involved in daily online meetings and briefings. Production crew members are being briefed on logistic aspects like travel, hotels, food and insurance. The meetings are also meant to introduce and connect crews from different member countries. These briefings are led by ABU, the host broadcaster and the organising committee.

Similarly, ABU is also coordinating and managing commentary for the 19th Asian Games. ABU Sports will field in more than 20 world class commentators from across the world. ABU sports team led by Director on-site will manage the production and the commentary project.

All 45 national and regional Olympic Committees across Asia have registered for the Games with a total of 12,417 athletes signed up. The event will feature 40 sports, 61 disciplines, and 483 events across 54 competition venues.

A total of 37,600 volunteers from across China will serve and support the 19th Asian Games.