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ABU workshop kicked off Radiodays Asia 2023

“Make socials your #BreakfastBestie,” said Lauren Saylor, breakfast producer and social media coordinator, from Smooth FM 91.5 in Melbourne, Australia.

According to Radioinfo, in a workshop at Radio Days Asia, she showcases how a fine-tuned content strategy allows social media to become a balanced and integral part of a highly rating radio breakfast show.

“First know your Brand,” she began. “At Smooth Radio, consistency is the key. We aim to have our audience feel good by experiencing positive content, in a safe environment, that the audience finds comforting.

Begin by asking, “Who are you?”

  • What is your show’s personal brand and values?
  • Then own who you are! Be who you are. “Today, I’m wearing pink, it makes me feel good and powerful! It’s part of my brand.”
  • Make content that fits your show’s personal brand and station alignment.

Social media is the way to expand our on-air time by giving longer touch points for our listeners.

“We want our P1 listeners to get our brand and we want them to be our biggest fans ever by creating a relationship extension and getting our listeners living in our ecosystem.”

“Be smart… You don’t need a team for socials because we’re all creatives, no fancy phone is needed either.”

Pick the social media that is right for you. Know your audience and choose that platform where they are most engaged. Think about the different companies you use, meta brand, diversify in a way that is beneficial for you e.g. FB but possibly Youtube too.

Finally, keep an eye on the analytics, so you know what’s working well for you.

Source: © RadioInfo Asia