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ABU at 2023 Radiodays Asia #RDA23

“In times of huge global news, natural disasters, as well as national or local community stories, radio can accurately reflect what is happening”.

The Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Communications and Digital, Nie Ching Teo was speaking at the opening of 2023 Radiodays Asia conference in Kuala Lumpur. The deputy minister said radio is on all digital platforms, is direct, and immediate.

The Head of Radio at Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union, Olya Booyar said, ABU is proud to partner with Radiodays. “ABU’s special strength is that we are the biggest broadcasting union with huge diversity. We have helped bring people together to face the greatest challenges in the industry”.

Olya said, “Audio choice is staggering and will continue to grow, generations to come will wonder how we managed content in a changing media climate… we are inventing the future now.”

Radiodays Asia founder Anders Held said, “Radio Asia 2023 wants to shape our audio industry to provide a platform to share ideas to help industry to stay relevant and develop…

Radiodays Asia is a collaboration between ABU and Radiodays Europe. It is the world´s largest and leading conference for radio, audio and podcast partners in Asia and Australia.