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Pasifika TV joins Asiavision

Pasifika TV has formally joined Asiavision, giving the ABU’s video news exchange access to stories from across the Pacific.

Pasifika is the broadcasting arm of Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited (PCBL). It is based in New Zealand and has 25 broadcast partners in 15 Pacific island nations.

CEO Natasha Meleisea has already contributed to two ABU events – she was a speaker at both the Global News Forum in Kuching, and at the Pacific Media Partnership Conference in Port Vila.

Earlier this year, she invited the ABU’s Director of News Deborah Steele to the annual Pasifika TV conference in Auckland.

“It was a very impressive event, built on the rapport Natasha’s team has with their partner broadcasters and the unity of purpose, in strengthening the capacity of each broadcaster,“ says Deborah. “Our new partnership is a wonderful opportunity to develop a very symbiotic relationship, with Asiavision members benefitting from much wider access to stories from the Pacific, while we help to amplify Pacific voices internationally and provide access to international news coverage.”