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Asian tech giants to be part of ABU GA2023 Super Panel Forum

The Super Panel Forum at the ABU General Assembly 2023 will feature leaders in 5G and Artificial Intelligence.

This year’s ABU GA, under the theme “What Comes Next? The Fundamental Question of Sustainability”, will see technological giants in the region delve into crucial advances in the field of broadcasting.

Panel 1 of the Forum will feature leading companies at the forefront of using advanced technologies such as 5G (formerly known as SKT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and robotics.

Invited companies include Hyundai’s Smart Mobility Solutions and Robotics, as well as SK Telecom, focusing on “AI Everywhere: AI in Everyday Life.” These companies will explore the practical applications of AI, demonstrating how this technology is revolutionising industries and enhancing the quality of life globally. Hyundai, a world leader in automotive innovation, will be a highlighted participant, presenting its smart mobility solutions.

The ABU General Assembly Super Panel Forum serves as a platform for thought leaders, experts, and innovators to discuss the future of sustainability and how technology can be utilised to tackle pressing challenges.