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Free TV Australia joins ABU as an Associate Member

Free TV Australia, the peak industry body representing commercial television broadcasters in the country, has joined the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) as an Associate Member effective from 25th September 2023.

Free TV Australia is dedicated to advancing the vital role that commercial free-to-air television plays in Australia’s culture and economy. The body provides support to members that contribute significantly to job creation, local news dissemination, storytelling, and nurturing of domestic talent. With an annual expenditure exceeding $1.6 billion on local content, its members serve as the backbone of the local television production industry.

Free TV Australia operates under a Board of Directors, which draws its membership from the industry body’s members. Various committees support the board by providing advice and recommendations on a range of issues including policy, finance, technology, diversity and inclusion, and innovation. Additionally, the organisation collaborates with numerous government and industry bodies, including international broadcasting organisations such as the International Telecommunications Union and the European Broadcasting Union.

The union with ABU will focus on services to broadcasters in Australia and facilitate close cooperation with various ABU platforms for the exchange of content among members. The new alliance is expected to pave the way for increased collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and an enhanced broadcasting landscape within the Asia-Pacific region.