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GXTRA delegation visits ABU secretariat to discuss future collaborations

A high-profile delegation from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Television and Radio Administration (GXTRA), led by Lu Zhengning, Deputy Director of the Radio and Television Administration of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has called on the ABU Secretariat in Kuala-Lumpur on 27 September.

The meeting aimed to strengthen mutual exchange and explore prospects for collaboration, particularly focusing on the upcoming ASEAN-CHINA MEDIA WEEK and potential joint ventures in co-producing, translating, and broadcasting programmes.

The meeting led by the ABU Secretary-General Ahmed Nadeem and attended by Directors and Heads of various ABU departments provided comprehensive presentations about the Union’s range of activities, highlighting areas where both organisations could synergise.

The GXTRA operates under the National Radio and Television Administration of China and is mainly responsible for guiding the development of Guangxi’s radio, television, and online audio-visual industries.

The governmental unit directs the production of various programmes and promotes international exchanges and cooperation, in addition to managing the import, recording, and overseeing of radio and television programmes in Guangxi.

During the meeting, GXTRA expressed a keen interest in becoming a member of the ABU, reflecting a mutual willingness to expand collaborative ventures.