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ABU TV Song Festival 2023 announces a stellar line-up of performers

A stellar line-up of performers representing member broadcasters across the Asia-Pacific region has been unveiled for the eagerly anticipated ABU TV Song Festival 2023. Set to take place at KBS Hall, this non-competitive gala aims to celebrate the rich tapestry of music across the region in a one-and-a-half-hour festival concert.

Representing the Apex of Chinese Pop: Tia Ray

Shanghai Media Group (SMG) introduces Tia Ray, an artiste who has set historical records in the Chinese music scene. Known for her sonorous voice and genre-defining soul pop, Tia Ray promises a performance that will resonate with global audiences.

The Musical Evolution of Hong Kong: Chau Kat Pui

Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) features Chau Kat Pui, a versatile artiste with a career spanning from lead vocals to TV and media hosting. Winning the reality TV series “Midlife, Sing & Shine!” has elevated his reputation, placing him amongst Hong Kong’s musical elite.

The Essence of Indian Soil: Malini Awasthi

Malini Awasthi, the folk music torchbearer from India, will represent Doordarshan (DD). A globally recognised artist, Malini has a repertoire that pays homage to the deep-rooted traditions and cultures of India. She’s not just a singer; she’s a celebration of India in human form.

The Versatile Virtuoso from Japan: Ayaka Hirahara

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) presents Ayaka Hirahara, who rose to fame with her single “Jupiter” in 2003. Having already established herself in the Asian music scene, Hirahara is marking her 20th anniversary with activities that promise to be a milestone in her illustrious career.

The Fresh Sensation from Korea: Mamamoo+

Host broadcaster, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), brings forth Mamamoo+, the first unit group of the renowned K-pop ensemble MAMAMOO. The unit promises an eclectic mix of musical styles, suggesting a promising leap into a new era of K-pop.

Malaysia’s Melodious Marvel: Aina Abdul

Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) introduces Aina Abdul, a singer whose career took off after her stint in Mentor Legend. Known for her distinct fashion sense and multiple accolades, Aina stands as a compelling figure in the Malaysian music industry.

Macau’s Independent Prodigy: Winifai

Teledifusao de Macau, S.A (TDM) unveils Winifai, an independent singer-songwriter who has received multiple awards for her originals in the genres of R&B, soul, and jazz.

Sri Lanka’s Rising Star: Sheron Silva

MTV Channel (Pvt) Limited (MTV) presents Sheron Silva, a young talent who gained recognition as a finalist in The Voice Sri Lanka. With a promising career ahead, Silva represents the future of Sri Lankan music.

Turkmenistan’s National Treasure: Annamyradow Begmyrat

The State Committee for Television, Radiobroadcasting and Cinematography of Turkmenistan (TVTM) introduces Annamyradow Begmyrat, a multifaceted artist recognised as the “Honoured Artist of Turkmenistan.”

The Melodies of Turkey: Umut Sülünoğlu & Uğur Önür

Finally, Turkish Radio Television Corporation (TRT) will feature the duo Umut Sülünoğlu and Uğur Önür, renowned for their Turkish folk music that has captivated audiences both domestically and internationally.

Adding Musical Flair from Vietnam: Lê Trung Thành 

Vietnam Television (VTV) is set to make an impact at the festival with the prodigiously talented singer Lê Trung Thành, widely known as Erik. Born in 1997, Erik has captivated the Gen-Z audience in Vietnam with an array of chart-topping hits, boasting over 100 million views on YouTube. 


The ABU TV Song Festival 2023 promises to be an unparalleled spectacle, highlighting the diverse musical heritage of the Asia-Pacific region. With such a rich line-up of performers, the event is poised to set a new benchmark for the gala festival.