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PCBL hosted five staff from Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation for a customised media exchange programme in April 2023. L to R: Pryce Aptvanu, Timothy Makekon Rani Taviti, Donol Kausime Sale, and Madlen Netvunei being led on a tour through TVNZ by Simon Abplanalp.

Pacific broadcasters trained for pivotal regional events

60 broadcasters from 13 stations across 10 Pacific nations have successfully completed Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited’s (PCBL) 2023 Pacific Regional Journalism Training Programme. This eight-week programme centred on regional issues and sports reporting, along with technical training.

This training initiative serves as a precursor for the broadcasters to cover upcoming significant events such as the 52nd Pacific Islands Forum (PIFS) Leaders Meeting 2023, the SOL23 Pacific Games.

Natasha Meleisea, CEO of PCBL, emphasised the importance of “Story Sovereignty”, a term signifying the control and stewardship of Pacific narratives by Pacific authors. “Successful candidates are being sent to report on events of significance to the Pacific, through a Pacific lens,” Meleisea said.

Stanley Simpson, Director for Mai TV and facilitator for the sports journalism segment, is optimistic about the unique storytelling opportunities presented by the SOL23 Pacific Games. He hopes to see the narratives go “beyond the usual” sporting action to encapsulate “epic, emotional, historical stories” that will capture not just local, but also regional and international attention.

A talented team of 11 individuals, categorised into three groups, will represent the broadcasters at these events. Their coverage will be shared across the Pasifika TV network and comprises media veterans such as journalists, producers, and camera operators. “It is fantastic to have a diverse group that will bring combined and balanced perspectives in their stories,” Meleisea added.