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KBS celebrates 50 Years coinciding with the 60th ABU General Assembly in Seoul

Embracing “What Comes Next?” Theme, KBS Urges Industry to Confront Challenges of Sustainability

As Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) commemorates its 50th anniversary of public broadcasting in Korea, it is gearing up to host the milestone 60th ABU General Assembly & Associated Meetings in Seoul this year.

Inspired by KBS’s critically acclaimed programmes, ‘What Comes Next?’ and ‘Original Question’, this year’s General Assembly aims to propel public broadcasting into uncharted territory. Both programmes are renowned for urging audiences to ask essential questions and to look for innovative solutions, rather than merely leaning on past accomplishments.

According to KBS, sustainability will be a focal topic for discussions at the assembly. Despite serving the public with resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, heightened climate-related disasters, and global economic downturns, the public broadcasting industry faces increasing uncertainties.

In South Korea, KBS is experiencing a financial crisis due to new measures regarding the “separate collection of licence fees,” which threatens to slash its funding significantly. This issue is exacerbated by a contracting terrestrial TV advertising market. However, the challenge is not unique to South Korea; reduced funding and dwindling commercial revenues are affecting public service broadcasters globally, from Asia to America and Europe.

For the 60th ABU General Assembly, KBS aspires to foster the most dynamic platform yet for exchanging opinions and sharing expertise. Moving away from the traditional practice of simply sharing members’ success stories, KBS is committed to utilising the Super Panel Sessions scheduled for November 1st to address these pressing issues.

Invitations have been extended to leading figures from global technology companies and international media organisations to offer their insights on fighting the uphill battle for sustainability amid a rapidly evolving landscape.

For more information and to register for the 60th ABU General Assembly & Associated Meetings 2023, visit the official website.