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The Future of News: A crucial focus at the 60th ABU General Assembly’s second plenary session

With seismic shifts transforming the news industry, the second plenary session of the 60th ABU General Assembly, scheduled for 1st November 2023, aims to explore the future landscape of news in an era marked by rapid technological advancements and eroding public trust. The session, aptly titled “The Future of News,” will examine the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for media organisations.

Generative AI, the surge towards digital platforms, rising misinformation and falling trust in public institutions are just some of the challenges reshaping the industry. “How should media organisations respond?” is the critical question that will be addressed during the session.

The discussion will be moderated by Chevaan Daniel, Group Director of CMG, Sri Lanka’s largest Media Network. As a former television news anchor and Fulbright Scholar, Chevaan brings a wealth of experience to the conversation. 

The panel boasts a distinguished line-up of experts. Aiko Doden, an NHK Anchor and Journalist, brings a career spanning three decades and focuses on global affairs in South East Asia. She serves as a Professor of Practice at SOAS University of London and sits on the board of trustees at Thomson Reuters Founders Share Company.

Jean Mackenzie, BBC Foreign Correspondent based in Seoul, has reported from Europe to the Middle East, covering pivotal moments like the coronavirus outbreak in Italy and the political uprising in Belarus. Her investigative journalism has led to substantial policy changes.

Representing the tech sector, Jaeho Felix Kim from Deepbrain AI, will provide insights into how AI technology is transforming the news industry, citing his firm’s development of news-reading avatars for various global news channels. 

As the industry grapples with an ever-evolving landscape, the session aims to provide not just theoretical discussion but actionable insights. It promises to be a must-attend event for anyone vested in the trajectory of news and journalism in today’s tumultuous times.