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12th Women With The Wave Forum adopts Seoul Declaration for gender equality and diversity in media

The 12th Women With The Wave High-Level Forum, held as part of the 60th ABU General Assembly, concluded with the adoption of the Seoul Declaration, a significant commitment to bolstering diversity, gender equality, and inclusion across the media landscape.

This half-day event, returned to Seoul, where the forum was first held, bringing together international and regional senior executives, experts, and advocates to discuss the pressing matters of diversity and inclusion in the media sector. The event’s theme was in sync with the overarching theme of the ABU General Assembly: “What Comes Next?”

Seoul Declaration: A Roadmap to Equality

Attendees applauded the ABU for its commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion. The Seoul Declaration sets forth a comprehensive roadmap to reinforce these efforts. It underscores the need for increased representation of women in decision-making and content creation, enhancement of gender equality within media content, and promotion of education to improve organisational culture.

The declaration also focuses on building transparent metrics and expanding the reach of diversity and inclusion to consider regions, generations, and socio-economic disparities. This move is geared towards making the media sector more reflective of the communities it serves.

New Initiatives Launched

In tandem with the forum, the ABU announced two pilot initiatives set for 2024. The first aims to support women in media through a mini mentoring programme, and the second is an award scheme to recognise workplace strategies linked to sustainability and diversity. These initiatives are poised to be game-changers in the way ABU member organisations address the complexities surrounding diversity and inclusion.

A Collective Effort

The forum highlighted the commendable work of Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in leading with gender equality, reflecting a broader recognition of the need for a culture that embraces diversity and provides equal opportunities for all.

Sponsors and supporters acknowledged the sphere of activity and the drive to promote gender equality, diversity, and inclusion across all organisations and regions. The aim is to sustain and amplify current initiatives, encapsulating the idea that the media sector has a pivotal role to play in shaping societal norms.

Looking Ahead

As the media landscape rapidly evolves, the forum’s stakeholders committed to ongoing education, training, and collaboration with international bodies such as the United Nations and UNESCO. By doing so, they aim to ensure that the media remains a powerful tool for good, reflecting a diversity of experiences, identities, and perspectives.

With the adoption of the Seoul Declaration, the 12th Women With The Wave Forum has set a precedent for future conversations around diversity and inclusion.