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ABU General Assembly explores sustainability and future of broadcasting

The 60th ABU General Assembly and Associated Meetings, hosted this year by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), convened on Saturday with the theme “What Comes Next? The Original Question of Sustainability.”

The meetings attracted a remarkable turnout, receiving 580 registrations from 52 countries, including over 300 in-person attendees.

Speaking at the President’s Press Conference, Dr Yan Chengsheng, the Acting President of ABU and the Director General of the International Cooperation Department at China’s National Radio & Television Administration (NRTA/RTPRC), elaborated on the significance of the General Assembly and associated meetings. Describing it as the highest decision-making body of the ABU, he stressed its importance for governance and operation.

“The General Assembly serves as a platform for member organisations to share experiences and best practices,” said Chengsheng. In addition to the main assembly, several committee meetings, forums, and governance bodies will focus on specific areas of interest within broadcasting.

ABU Secretary General Ahmed Nadeem outlined the core objectives of this year’s assembly. “Our primary mission is to enhance our service to ABU members,” Nadeem stated.

He said in a media landscape that is continually changing, the ABU aims to equip its members with the resources, knowledge, and support needed for success. This includes sharing best practices, fostering collaboration, and advocating for diversity in broadcasting.

Climate change was identified as one of the most pressing challenges facing society today. “We are committed to exploring how the broadcasting industry can play a role in raising awareness, advocating for positive change, and adopting eco-friendly practices,” said Nadeem. With the industry’s broad reach, the ABU believes broadcasters can be powerful agents for change in this critical area.

Nadeem emphasised the importance of the union’s services remaining a robust source of information and culture for society’s benefit Public media has a significant role in keeping the public informed, educated, and entertained. He said a key goal of the ABU General Assembly is to secure the sustainability of public media services.

“Our mission is to explore and embrace new technologies in media such as artificial intelligence (AI), leveraging their potential to improve content creation, distribution, and audience engagement,” Nadeem added, addressing the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

The 60th ABU General Assembly officially begins on 31 October and will continue until 01 November at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.