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ABU Prizes 2023 celebrate broadcast excellence across radio, television, and digital media

Celebrating exceptional contributions in Radio, Television, and Digital Media, winners of the annual ABU Prizes have been announced at a gala ceremony on 31 October 2023, held as a cornerstone event of the 60th  ABU General Assembly in Seoul, Korea.

This year’s awards featured a special focus on the theme of “Green and Sharing” for the ABU Perspective Award, aimed at inspiring a collective vision for a more sustainable world.


Below is the full list of winners:

Radio Category

  • Radio Drama: China Media Group-China National Radio (CMG-CNR) from China took home the prize for “The Swallows Flying South – Episode I: It’s Time to Fly.”
  • Radio Podcast: Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) secured the award for their boundary-breaking episode, “Campursari.”
  • Radio Documentary: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) received accolades for “Dig – Saving The Franklin.”
  • Radio News Reporting: The Voice of Vietnam (VOV) was honoured for “The Dream of Swimming and a 7300-Day Journey.”
  • Radio Community Service Announcement: Another win for VOV with “25cm of Hair Will Help Me Blend in With Flair.”
  • Radio On-Air Personality: “When There’s a Piano in the Heart” by CMG-CNR charmed the judges.
  • Radio ABU Perspective Award: CMG-CNR was also lauded for “HOME.”
  • Radio Special Jury Prize: RRI clinched this category with “Save The Bornean Primates.”

Television Category

  • TV Drama: Germany’s Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) claimed victory for “The Swarm.”
  • TV Documentary: Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) earned accolades for “Discharged by Death.”
  • TV News Reporting: Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund (MTVA) from Hungary secured the prize for “Commentary Club.”
  • TV Children: Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) was honoured for “Hello Baby Birds.”
  • TV Entertainment: CMG-China Central Television (CMG-CCTV) won for “Journey of Chinese Art on the Scroll.”
  • TV Sports: ABC stood out with “Bradman and Tendulkar.”
  • TV ABU Perspective Award: Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI) was acknowledged for “The Green Hero.”
  • TV Special Jury Prize: NHK was recognised for “Nature’s Hidden Miracles: Episode 1 The Secret Life of Plants.”

Digital Media Category

  • Digital Content Award: China Media Group-China Radio International (CMG-CRI) won for their poignant content “Why We Love Dunhuang.”

The gala was a triumphant celebration of the industry’s best and brightest, highlighting the rich tapestry of broadcasting content and talent across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

For more information with clips from winners and nominees, visit the ABU Prizes page.