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30th ABU IPLC to discuss legal issues related to generative AI for media

30th ABU Intellectual Property & Legal Committee (IPLC) is scheduled to take place on the side lines of ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium (DBS).

IPLC will be a two-day event and will place between 4th March 2024 – 7th March 2024 (inclusive) in Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). The ABU Secretariat is working on the dates. The theme for 30th ABU IPLC will be “Legal & Ethical Issues Related to Generative AI For Media & Broadcast Sector”.

The first day of the IPLC will be the conference or the forum where presentation on contemporary legal issues related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be made by experts. The first-half of the second day of IPLC will be a workshop on media ethics by Dr. Venkat Iyer. In the workshop, Dr. Iyer will cover topics such as Identifying ethical issues in newsgathering, production, and dissemination, ensuring transparency, dealing with fake news, preventing the misuse of anonymity and others.

The second half of the second day of IPLC will be the customary closed door meeting of IPLC members. Non-members may join the IPLC meeting upon the approval of IPLC members.

For more information related to IPLC, please write to ABU Legal Manager at