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How a Chinese media giant serves the world’s biggest Radio audience

One of the world’s biggest broadcasters gave ABU members a practical demonstration of how to weave multiple media elements together to enhance programs for audiences.

The presentation from China Media Group’s Director of Strategic Development, Fan Xuan, at an ABU webinar titled “New era, new radio” showcased some of the latest developments in CMG Radio including artificial intelligence (AI), multiplatform production and how to enhance outreach and attract younger listeners with themed special programming.

Forty radio producers from 21 Countries joined the webinar by Xuan, who is also Vice-Chair of the ABU Radio Working Party.

Her presentation started with an overview of CMG, its 51 television and 22 radio channels ranging from national to regional and international services. Its online offering now had more than 25 apps and several websites.

She described how some of the online streams – such as Ethereal Sound and CMG Mobile – offered both audio and video and included live interaction with audiences through social media.

CMG was also proud of the growth of podcasting, which “breaks down the restrictions of time”, in scheduling and in the length of the content itself.

She said Ethereal Sound was more than radio, offering over 1,900 frequencies throughout the country, with some 200 million users.

She said AI played an important role in weaving together all this content, although she stressed that human staff were still very important in working on content, with technicians from the different platforms using their specialist expertise to prepare material for their own services.