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Capital Maharaja Group in Sri Lanka celebrated the UDHR75

The Capital Maharaja Group CMG, organised series of programmes to mark the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The events highlighting the significance of human rights culminated on December 10 with the finals of a debate competition.

The 75th anniversary this year, focussed on three objectives. Educating and increasing global knowledge of UDHR, promoting attitudinal change to counter increasing scepticism on human rights, and to offer concrete knowledge and tools to help people better fight for their rights.

The Chairman, and the Managing Director of CMG Mr Sashi Rajamahendran highlighted the consequences of a world devoid of universal human rights.

The ABU Programme Director, Yasu Nagahata was invited to the event. Nagahata commended CMG’s continuous work on human rights and said, the event provided for a meaningful opportunity to draw attention to human rights.

CMG activities to mark UDHR75 included inspiring speeches, to cultural performances, and a passionate debate between university students.