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ABU Secretary-General visits TRT Türkiye

(Photo courtesy TRT )

The ABU Secretary-General was in the Turkish capital Ankara last week. Mr Ahmed Nadeem attended the TRT World Forum, and visited the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) headquarters in Ankara.

The Secretary-General met with the TRT Director-General, Prof. Mehmet Zahid Sobacı, who is also the President of ABU. Both sides described the visit as significant.

During the meeting, Prof. Sobacı expressed gratitude to the Secretary-General for his role in the success of the 60th ABU General Assembly in Seoul, Korea.  Mr. Nadeem congratulated Prof. Sobacı again on his presidency of ABU and highlighted the excellence of the TRT World Forum.

More than 150 speakers, and over 1000 participants from nearly 100 countries participated in the World Forum.

A news release from TRT says, during the meeting, discussions primarily focused on exploring collaboration opportunities to further strengthen the relationship between TRT and ABU. As they deliberated on the vision of ABU, a significant emphasis was placed on the crucial role of digitalization, a shared vision.

Prof. Sobacı, mentioned that preparations have begun for the 61st ABU General Assembly and Associated Meetings, scheduled for October 2024. The two sides also placed strong emphasis on the importance of fostering collaboration and increasing content exchange among the 246 members.

The ABU Secretary-General also visited TRT’s studios and the TRT Broadcasting Museum following the discussion.