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World Broadcasting Unions International Media Connectivity Group (WBU-IMCG) Forum highlight advances in Broadcast Technology

Satellite connectivity, integration and interoperability of cloud services to regulation and standards shaping the future of broadcasting are some of the topics featured at the 2023 WBU-IMCG Forum.

According to ABU Technology Director experts explored new developments with a Starlink equipment demonstration, and showcased UEFA match broadcasting over OneWeb LEO satellites. Dr Veysel said, this underscores continuous evolution and importance of satellite technology in broadcasting.

A panel on impending World Radiocommunication Conference’s impact on broadcasters’ use of spectrum delved into regulations and standards that could shape the future of broadcasting. The integration and interoperability of cloud services shed a light on challenges and opportunities to harmonize cloud technologies with broadcasting. Dr Veysel said, this is crucial with digital transformation and growing reliance on cloud-based solutions.

The Forum also saw sustainability in broadcast connectivity as pivotal topic reflecting the global shift towards environmentally conscious practices. The WBU-IMCG Forum 2023 in Tunis provided a platform for industry leaders to share insights, discuss challenges, towards a more interconnected and technologically advanced media landscape.