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ABU, ASBU to host the A24 Global Coordination Conference in Kuala Lumpur

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) is hosting the A24 Global Coordination Conference in collaboration with the High Frequency Coordination Conference (HFCC) and the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) at the Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur from 15-19 January 2024.

Member representatives from LPP RRI, TRT, NHK, and other organisations including Radio Miami International, U.S. Agency for Global Media, Reach Beyond Australia, Vatican Radio, Broadcast Belgium, THALES, and more, will coordinate shortwave frequency schedules for the summer season.

The frequency channel for shortwave radio is subject to change due to the 11-year solar cycle and seasonal effects, as well as new or changed frequencies of shortwave broadcasters around the world.

More than 50 delegates, representing approximately 90 percent of the shortwave frequencies used for global broadcasting, are expected to attend this week-long meeting.