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ABU hosts A24 Global Coordination Conference in Kuala Lumpur

The A24 Global conference and shortwave coordination is underway in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. About sixty Frequency Managers from across Asia, Australia, Arab States, Europe and Americas are attending the five-day conference from January 15 – 19, 2024.

According to ABU Technology, the conference will help to coordinate shortwave frequency schedules for the A-24 (Summer) season. ABU Technology promoted the event for the benefit of the HFCC/ABU-HFC members to get other important information regarding the shortwave coordination.

The frequency channel for shortwave radio is subject to change due to the 11-year solar cycle and seasonal effects, as well as new or changed frequencies of shortwave broadcasters around the world.

Hosted by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), the global coordination conference is organized jointly by the High Frequency Coordination Conference (HFCC), the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), and the Arab States Broadcasting union (ASBU).