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Gaza coverage to feature at Asiavision Coordinators’ meeting

TRT World’s social media coverage of the war in Gaza will be spotlighted during the 2024 Asiavision Coordinators’ meeting to be held in Kuala Lumpur on 23-24 January.

TRT World’s incisive coverage has been in step with critical developments in the international crisis. The executive producer of video at TRT World’s digital channel, Emre Unal, will explain TRT World’s social media strategy, its choice of story-telling tools and techniques, the importance of personal stories and ways to measure impact.

Ali Burak Biber from TRT News will also lead a session, on optimising news on social media.

Other highlights of this year’s Coordinators’ meeting include a session on data analysis and visualisation, and a workshop on election reporting in a year when there are elections scheduled in the world’s three biggest democracies.

About 40 representatives from 27 of the 31 Asiavision members will also discuss the new Asiavision platform, APV, which was launched in December, and plans for the year ahead.

2024 marks the 40th anniversary of Asiavision, which was launched on 16 January, 1984.