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2024 Arab Media Congress: “Media in the Artificial Intelligence Era: Opportunities and Challenges” the Recommendations

The 3rd Arab Media Congress, initiated by Arab States Broadcasting Union, (ASBU) took place in Tunis, Tunisia recently. The Congress entitled “Media in the Artificial Intelligence Era: Opportunities and Challenges” came out with several recommendations and guidelines.

According to ASBU, the guidelines and recommendations were a result of papers and contribution presented by experts from the region and across the world, over two days.

On national and regional level, the congress recommended tasking of competent regulatory structures to develop clear legislation for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) referring to existing international legislation. The need to establish regional and national governance structures, including scientific panels, AI Boards, and advisory forums, to oversee AI practices and ensure accountability.

At the Media organizational level, it is recommended to allocate resources to develop technical infrastructure, and invest in AI tools that enhance content creation process. Training programs to upskill media professionals is underscored.

It is also recommended to encourage collaboration between media organizations, AI developers, and local universities. This is to help greater familiarity with national linguistic, cultural, and economic characteristics, in order to tailor AI solutions to specific needs of media industry.

The recommendations underscore and encourage media outlets and journalists to prioritize adherence to journalistic ethics. It was highlighted to ensure that human decision-making remains central in long-term strategies and daily editorial choices, by editorial teams regarding the use of AI systems.

The 3rd Arab Media Congress recommended, that as AI continues to evolve, it is important to ensure that it is used to promote inclusivity and diversity. It is recommended to ensure diversity in datasets used for AI models training, for accurate recognition and understanding of Arabic Language, and accurate representation of cultural variations.  This can be done through investment research and development.

The Congress from January 17–18 was attended by media personalities from the region and from around the world. ABU Secretary-General, Ahmed Nadeem represented ABU at the Congress.