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Asiavision celebrates 40th birthday

News Group chairman Indra Singh accepted the honour of cutting the cake at the celebration of Asiavision’s 40th birthday.

Mr Singh, who is the Director of News at FBC Fiji, joined representatives from other Asiavision members and Secretariat staff at a dinner in Kuala Lumpur on 23 January.

The Secretary General of the ABU, Ahmed Nadeem, awarded certificates of appreciation to representatives of the founding members of Asiavision, including NHK, RTM, TVRI, DD India, SLRC and CCTV.

Mr Nadeem thanked members, and made special note of NHK’s role and vision in helping to establish Asiavision.

He highlighted its evolution from being a single, daily satellite feed, to a cloud-based platform and congratulated current and former ABU staff, including all the former directors of ABU News.