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Webinar on Sports Marketing and Sponsorships Sales

ABU Sports is launching its series of Webinars on Sports related themes and topics. The 1st in the series, Sports Marketing and Sponsorships Sales, kicks of February 13, 2024. ABU Sports says, the webinar will focus on how to create unique sponsorship and advertising packages, that help brands connect with audiences.

The speaker will talk about processes behind the creation of unique sponsorship packages around sports events. These include, event sponsorship to athlete endorsement, digital engagement and innovations in sports sponsorships.

Webinar coordinator Nur Jalliah, says this will allow participants to demonstrate the value to sponsors, retain and grow key clients. The expert, Torrey Jay Dorse, comes with extensive and proven experience in sponsorship and corporate partnership sales and management.

The webinar is open to everyone in sports broadcasting industry looking for ways to market an event, latest media trends, inventive sponsorship ideas.