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DBS2024: Revolutionising Media Production with AI & Augmented Reality Tools

A special feature of the Digital Broadcasting Symposium (DBS2024), is the ‘Workshop on Revolutionising Media Production with AI and Augmented Reality Tools’. It will be led by experts from RT Russia- the head of VFX & 3D Graphics Department, and the lead Engineer.

The first part of the workshop covers integrating modern tools for ultra-realistic visuals in News studios, emphasising cost-effective production through AI and real-time technology.

The 2nd part will focus on mastering AI and Automation to accelerate visual preparation and help automate tasks like title insertion. ABU Technology says, this offers neural networks for AI driven tasks like news gathering, image recognition, language processing and creation of AI avatars for virtual presenters expanding creative options.

Digital Broadcasting Symposium provides international and regional exposure to ABU members, broadcasters, and media industry alike. The registration is ongoing