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VTV tops Asiavision uploads

Asiavision members uploaded 15,917 video news stories in 2023, of which 42 per cent were same-day items.

An analysis of Asiavision statistics for 2023 shows the top contributors were VTV Vietnam with 2,362 items, TVRI Indonesia with 2,249, CCTV China with 1,937, NHK Japan with 1,153, and Thai PBS Thailand with 796 items.

In the first year of Asiavision including ready to broadcast packages and reporter walkthroughs, members shared 816 reporter packages and 116 pieces-to-camera.

Members who excelled in delivering same-day stories include FBC (91%), TRT (89%), TVB (86%), BTV (83%), Thai PBS (83%), DD India (79%), NHK (73%), ABS-CBN (71%), SLRC (66%), and PasifikaTV (60%).

Other topics covered by members included climate change and sustainable development (5% contribution), natural disasters (2%), feature news (13%), that included stories on culture, arts, technology, innovation, and human development.

A comprehensive analysis of Asiavision’s performance in 2023 was presented at the 2024 Asiavision Coordinators’ Meeting on January 23.