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DBS2024 features Masterclass on Designing Virtual Production Studio by LED Wall

With just about three weeks to the 2024 Digital Broadcasting Symposium, ABU continue to add new and relevant activities to the event. Designing a virtual production studio by LED Wall is one such addition. The masterclass will be led by the Director General of Research and Development, IRIB Iran.

Virtual production on-stage using LED Volume is a production method that uses computer graphics, augmented reality, and motion capture to create realistic environment and effects. ABU Technology say, the technology, which entered the field recently is having significant impact on filmmaking industry.

Virtual production allows filmmakers to produce required sets virtually with more freedom, flexibility, and the need for physical set construction is minimized. ABU hopes the masterclass will lead to comprehensive development and optimal use of virtual production technology among its members.

Digital Broadcasting Symposium provides international and regional exposure to ABU members, broadcasters, and media industry alike. The registration is ongoing