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Investing in radio campaigns can double their effectiveness, study finds

A study which looks at advertising practices has found that investing in just 11% of the budget for radio campaigns can already double their impact.

The findings of the study, which analysed data from the Advertising Council of Australia’s Effectiveness Database, were revealed by Professor Mark Ritson at HEARD 2024, the annual Australian audio showcase hosted by Commercial Radio & Audio (CRA), attended by who’s who in the radio sector.

“Radio has been underrated in maximising the overall impact of your marketing,” Professor Ritson, who is one of the world’s leading marketing educators, said. “For the best bang-for-buck, marketers should consider radio as an integral part of the channel mix – and an 11% investment can double your campaign’s impact.”

“Radio doesn’t need to be the hero, or the lead media, but it does drive a disproportionately large impact for a relatively modest investment of just 11%. It’s the ultimate sidekick,” he added.

Professor Ritson was welcomed to HEARD by Ciaran Davis, Chairman of CRA and CEO and Managing Director of ARN Media, who said, “If advertisers aren’t thinking about investing in radio, then they’re missing a significant opportunity to drive ROI for their business.”

It was World Radio Day 2024 recently on 13th February.