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Learn how AI is used in sports broadcasting with industry expert Alexis Schäfer

(Photo courtesy of the International Paralympic Committee)

The ABU sports department will host a webinar on 28 February called “Revolutionising Sports Content Operations and Engagement with AI”.

AI is catalysing change in the media for sports. It can analyse large amounts of data and provide insights that help sports journalists and commentators create engaging and informative content. AI-powered chatbots can also interact with sports fans, answering their questions and providing personalised recommendations. Used effectively, AI can enhance the sports content experience by providing accurate information and enhancing fan engagement.

Alexis is a trailblazer in Paralympic sports marketing: from 2008 to 2022, he spearheaded the commercial and marketing efforts at the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), which significantly contributed to the event’s success. He recently completed a course on sports and technology with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).