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TVRI hosts broadcasting field trip for elementary school students

Indonesia’s public broadcaster TVRI hosted a field trip on February 12 for 50 second grade students and their teachers from Hope Academy Elementary School Jakarta.

The television staff welcomed the enthusiastic youngsters who came prepared with questions jotted on their notepads. This is not the first field trip hosted by TVRI. As a public broadcasting institution, it says it has always been their mission to serve and educate the community, including the younger generation.

During this particular visit, the students were taken to various broadcasting facilities to get a bit of a taste of television journalism. They were given a tour of Studio 7, and then of Newsroom and finally to Studio 6 where they observed TVRI host Louisa Kusnandar present the programme “Economic Outlook”. After that, Louisa fielded questions from the eager students.

Their teacher expressed her appreciation for the valuable experience and knowledge that her students were able to learn from the study trip.

(Source: TVR1)