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Asiavision members spotlight women’s empowerment stories for International Women’s Day

Asiavision members have shared stories of women’s achievements and struggles across the globe, from Easter Island to the Ukraine, to mark International Women’s Day.

This initiative stems discussions during the Asiavision Coordinator’s Meeting in January 2024, aiming to foster collaboration on major events and occasions through the ABU’s news exchange.

The stories, ranging from a Japanese woman being recognized by the US State Department for speaking against sexual harassment, to the enlistment of women in Vietnam’s military service, highlight diverse facets of women’s empowerment and resilience.

In India, the focus is on women’s growing role in aviation, while in Niue, women are praised for their multifaceted contributions to society. A special report from Easter Island discusses efforts to combat violence against women, showcasing the collaboration between the Municipality of Rapa Nui and the Women’s Center.

Other stories include the pioneering recruitment of women in Ukraine’s underground mines amid the war with Russia, and a women-led cooperative in Türkiye, where women are engaged in the production and sale of local delicacies.

These stories will be featured in special news reports and current affairs programming by member broadcasters on International Women’s Day, celebrating women’s strength, resilience, and progress towards a more inclusive society.