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Happy 78th anniversary RTM!

Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) celebrated its birthday on April 1, marking 78 years of commitment towards excellence in informing, educating and entertaining generations as Malaysia’s first broadcaster.

In 1946, broadcasting in Malaysia began with the establishment of Radio Malaya. In 1963, the country’s first television network, TV1, was launched, followed by a second channel TV2 in 1969. Both radio and television networks were subsequently merged as the broadcast arm of the Ministry of Information and renamed Radio Television Malaysia (RTM).

RTM operates from its headquarters in Angkasapuri, in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. RTM’s radio broadcasts are in Malay, English, Mandarin, Tamil and native dialects, reflecting the country’s multicultural diversity.

ABU Secretary-General Ahmed Nadeem wished RTM a happy anniversary: “On behalf of ABU, I extend our warmest congratulations to RTM on its 78th anniversary. As the pioneering beacon of broadcasting excellence in Malaysia, RTM has not only shaped the nation’s media landscape but also contributed significantly to the region’s broadcasting heritage. Here’s to many more years of innovation, diversity, and public service broadcasting. May RTM continue to inspire and enlighten audiences across Malaysia and beyond, serving as a steadfast guardian of information, culture, unity and national identity.”