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Radio Nepal celebrates 74th anniversary with music competitions

Radio Nepal turned 74 on April 2, celebrating the occasion with nation-wide competitions on classical and modern songs.

The ceremony was inaugurated by the Secretary at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Radio Nepal, Ram Krishna Subedi, who said Radio Nepal has played a crucial role in the conservation, promotion and expansion of classical and modern Nepali music, reflecting their significance in the country’s cultural heritage.

Executive Director of Radio Nepal, Buddhi Bahadur K.C, said Radio Nepal has been recording the songs and music of all the national languages, conducting voice tests, fixing rankings, and digitising songs and audio materials.

21 selected contestants from across the country participated in the modern song competition, selected from a batch of 48 applicants. Milan Pariyar, from Morang, won the competition under the singing category.

A state-owned radio broadcasting organisation, Radio Nepal airs programmes on shortwave, medium wave and FM frequencies.