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Australia’s ABC performing strongly among Pacific audiences, survey finds

Despite declining audiences for traditional media, research conducted last year has found that six key Pacific markets strongly favour the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), with trust levels in the ABC across the Pacific being equal to trust levels in Australia, at nearly 80%.    

The survey by an independent media agency was conducted in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu to assess whether ABC’s investments in the Pacific are effective and that its content and services are meeting audience needs. 

The research looked at usage patterns relating to ABC Australia, ABC Radio Australia, ABC digital and social media channels, broader media consumption, and attitudes to ABC programs and Australia more generally. 

Between 36% and 70% of those surveyed had listened to, watched or used ABC online in the prior three months. Respondents widely agreed that the ABC was educational, interesting and a trusted source of news and information. The ABC is highly regarded, especially for ABC news and current affairs and for targeted local-interest programming, while interest in Australian people and content is positive, high and growing.  Beyond the clear appeal of general ABC news and current affairs, programs doing particularly well include music and sport shows designed specifically for Pacific audiences.   

ABC’s impact was measured against international media heavyweights such as the BBC, CNN and national broadcasters from France, Japan, New Zealand and China. In all markets the ABC was the most valued and preferred broadcaster frequented via websites, apps or social media, except in Fiji, where Al Jazeera was most preferred.