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TRT Spanish kicks off with Spanish Broadcasting Summit in Istanbul

Turkey’s state broadcaster, Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), is hosting the first TRT Spanish-Speaking Countries Broadcast Summit and TRT Español (Spanish) launch in Istanbul on April 25 to 26.

The summit features the launch of the TRT Spanish digital news platform, marking its official entry into broadcasting.

The summit commenced with a workshop for journalists from Spanish-speaking countries on April 25. The workshop, titled “International Journalism,” focused on topics such as impartial journalism, public expectations, international relations, encouraging discussions and idea exchanges.

On April 26, the new digital news platform, TRT Spanish, will be launched, after which various panels will be held in the same afternoon with experienced speakers.

Under the slogan “The Place Where People Matter,” TRT Spanish aims to merge two cultural spheres with an independent news vision, presenting global events with a unique perspective.

It will provide exclusive news and content to the Spanish-speaking audience, the primary language spoken in more than 20 countries around the world.