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ABU Secretary-General strengthens collaboration with Indonesia’s RRI and TVRI in Jakarta visit

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Secretary-General, Ahmed Nadeem, paid visits to prominent figures from Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) and Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI) in April recently. 

The engagement kicked-off with a strategic discussion between Nadeem and I Hendrasmo, RRI”s President Director, exploring cooperation ideas which includes content sharing, technological innovation, and capacity-building initiatives. As a member of the ABU community, RRI plays a crucial role in shaping the broadcasting landscape in Indonesia and the broader Asia-Pacific region. 

Nadeem then met up with Iman Brotoseno, President Director of TVRI. The meeting focused on strengthening the partnership between ABU and TVRI, emphasising opportunities for joint projects and knowledge-exchange platforms. Nadeem said ABU is committed to support TVRI to deliver high-quality and diverse content to audiences across Indonesia and beyond.

Through these strategic engagements, ABU aims to promote best practices, facilitate innovation, and enhance the capacity of member broadcasters to thrive in an ever-changing media environment.