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ABU Technical Bureau visits Beijing Radio and Television Station (BRTV)

Members of the ABU Technical Bureau including the ABU Secretariat visited Beijing Radio and Television Station (BRTV) on the 26th of April where they got acquainted with the advancement in broadcasting technology by the public broadcaster. 

Stepping into the studio showcasing 4K and 8K television, the delegation was captivated by the vivid imagery and seamless quality of the production set, gaining valuable insights into the potential of ultra-high-definition broadcasting. 

The excursion showcased a live demonstration of continuous broadcasting, including 24×7 programming channels. They engaged with technicians and engineers, discussed challenges and opportunities of 4K and 8K television, and fostered collaboration and innovation within the ABU community. 

The delegation reaffirmed the ABU’s commitment to sharing BRTV’s progress and driving technological advancements in the broadcasting industry.