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ABU Sports Director delivers keynote speech on sport technology at ZGC Forum

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Sports Director Cai Yanjiang attended ZGC Forum, a state-level platform for global sci-tech innovation exchanges and cooperation, that took place 26 to 28 April, where he gave a speech on technology in sports broadcasting.

Cai was invited by the organiser Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF), who is also a long-time partner of ABU. The theme of the forum was the impact of digital innovation on the sports industry. Cai gave a keynote speech titled ‘Sports Broadcast Enhancement with Digital Empowerment’ which highlighted ABU’s role in sports broadcasting, and the advanced digital invention and tools driving it.

Also at the forum were the French Ligue-1 team (a French professional league for men’s association football clubs) and the French Chamber of Commerce in China. American volleyball veteran Lang Ping who coached national teams from the US and China also attended the forum. 

Responding to Cai’s keynote speech, many from the audience said they were interested to know more about ABU and its role in the international sports stage. They also said they were keen on future partnerships and collaborations with ABU and members.

Sebastian Lau, the Director General of AESF, expressed his appreciation for ABU’s attendance, and said that the organisation had brought to the forum a few perspectives from broadcasters, and envisioned a future with more digital technology to further improve broadcast sports content and events.