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ABU charts next path with Administrative Council Meeting in Colombo

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) 117th Administrative Council Meeting gathered in the vibrant city of Colombo, Sri Lanka, to discuss key organisational matters to chart their path. Hosted warmly by MTV Channel and the Capital Maharaja Group (CMG), this gathering brought together ABU Councillors from across the region to delve into pressing issues facing the Union.

As the decision-making body of ABU, the Administrative Council Meeting holds significant importance, convening twice a year to set policies, allocate resources, and chart the course for the Union’s endeavours. In Colombo, this responsibility was embraced with a sense of purpose and determination, reflecting the collective commitment to advance the interests of ABU members and stakeholders.

Outside the boardroom, delegates experienced the warmth and hospitality of Sri Lanka, forging connections and strengthening bonds that transcend borders and cultures. As the meeting concluded, resolutions were passed, strategies were set in motion, and a renewed sense of unity and purpose reverberated throughout the ABU community.