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The A20 Global Shortwave Coordination Conference took place from 24-28 Feb in Kuala Lumpur hosted by the ABU. The event was initially planned to be hosted by our member NRTA in China in early February but due to the COVID-19 situation they had to cancel, and the ABU stepped in to host it in Kuala Lumpur.

The meeting was joined by 30 shortwave broadcasters from around the world, this is much lower than the usual attendance but due to travel restrictions most of them were not able to join the meeting in person.  Normally over 80 shortwave broadcasters will attend the face-to-face coordination session.

The conference provides an important forum to resolve or minimize instances of mutual interference among shortwave transmissions for the summer (A20) season. Delegates from Short Wave Broadcasters and Frequency Management Organizations have a valuable opportunity to coordinate their frequencies directly with the frequency managers of other broadcasters in this regard. The A20 season runs from 29 March to 25 October within the calendar.