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ABU CON-FEST stands at the forefront of innovation and collaboration within the media and entertainment industry, seamlessly weaving together three major components – ABU TV-CON, ABU RadioSonic, and #ABUdigital. This unique convention serves as a melting pot, attracting key players and thought leaders from the television, radio, and digital media industries to collectively explore, discuss, and shape the future landscape of content creation.

Collaborative Synergy:

ABU CON-FEST goes beyond the boundaries of individual industry silos, fostering collaborative synergy among television, radio, and digital media professionals. By amalgamating these key components, the convention creates a unique platform where cross-industry discussions unfold, leading to the exchange of ideas, innovative solutions, and the identification of common challenges faced by the media ecosystem.

The Essence of ABU CON-FEST:

In essence, ABU CON-FEST is more than a convention; it’s a dynamic convergence of diverse perspectives, creative minds, and industry expertise. Attendees not only gain valuable insights into the latest trends but also contribute to shaping the future of media and entertainment. This innovative approach ensures that ABU CON-FEST remains a cornerstone event, propelling the industry forward and inspiring collaboration across the television, radio, and digital media sectors.


A cornerstone of ABU CON-FEST, the ABU TV-CON brings together prominent figures from the television industry. Producers, directors, and professionals converge to share insights, discuss industry trends, and showcase exemplary work.

The focus spans across various TV genres, providing a comprehensive view of the evolving television landscape. This integration allows attendees to gain a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of television.

Notably, the eclectic content will be curated by TV producers for TV producers, making it a unique platform for knowledge exchange and networking, especially in the television industry.


We were honored to have esteemed Hollywood actor Ken Watanabe, for an exclusive interview for the previous TV-CON that we held in 2022 and also have the renowned “Godfather of Stand-up comedy in Malaysia,” Harith Iskander as our host.

We are always hoping to bring in notable speaker that are seasoned and well-versed in the TV industry, in order for us to exchange insights from experienced key players.

2. ABU RadioSonic:



Dedicated to the world of radio, ABU RadioSonic brings forth discussions, presentations, and workshops that delve into the intricacies of radio broadcasting.

Noteworthy speakers from the radio industry share their experiences, innovations, and thoughts on the evolving role of radio in the digital age. The sessions aim to inspire creativity, foster dialogue, and explore the potential of radio as a powerful medium for storytelling and information dissemination.

Formerly known as RadioAsia, the rebranded conference signifies not only a commitment to innovation but also encapsulates the ongoing evolution and transformative nature of the radio and audio landscape.

As we collectively embrace the shift towards a digital media world, ABU RadioSonic is at the forefront, offering insights, solutions, and inspiration. The conference not only acknowledges the challenges inherent in this transformative period but actively empowers professionals to leverage the opportunities presented by multiplatform audio.

Through this vibrant and collaborative platform, RadioSonic contributes significantly to shaping the future trajectory of radio and audio, ensuring that industry players are well-equipped to navigate the evolving landscape with innovation and resilience.

3. #ABUdigital:



In the ever-evolving media landscape, #ABUdigital emerges as a focal point within the broader ABU CON-FEST, seizing the spotlight to illuminate the transformative power of digital media. This component serves as a dynamic gathering ground for a diverse array of professionals, including experts, innovators, and influencers, who collectively shape and define the contours of the digital media industry.

The conference stands as a dynamic nexus where participants come together to share not only insights but also cutting-edge knowledge, trends, and strategic approaches that are reshaping the digital media landscape. The goal is to foster a collaborative environment that encourages the exchange of forward-thinking ideas, paving the way for industry-wide innovation and adaptation.

#ABUdigitalbgoes beyond the surface, delving deep into critical discussions surrounding the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the digital media landscape. Participants engage in thought-provoking conversations, exploring the intersections of AI with content creation, distribution, and audience engagement. This exploration is pivotal in understanding how AI is not merely a tool but a transformative force in reshaping the dynamics of digital media.

The comprehensive exploration of the digital frontier encompasses diverse aspects of the digital media industry, ranging from the intricacies of streaming services and audio-on-demand platforms to the flourishing world of podcasting.

This broad spectrum ensures that participants gain a well-rounded understanding of the opportunities and challenges inherent in the digital landscape.