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In order to promote solidarity and friendship among ABU Members at this challenging time, ABU Member RRI-Indonesia has initiated a project called Song for World Peace, that they hope will not only bring hope and optimism to our audiences but also give everyone a positive campaign message to rally around.

The concept is simple – singers from participating ABU Member broadcasters will record a special song written and composed by RRI, “Heart of the World”. The song is sung in English and the singers have the space to improvise the style of the singing and insert some parts in their languages if they feel it adds to the piece.

Participating organisations-countries and their respective singers:

Ladell Kiapgugu, EMTV-Papua New Guinea
Pham Tien Manh, VOV-Vietnam.
Georgiana Simonov, ROR - Romania.
Nicolae Simonov, ROR - Romania.
Sahara Dristy, RRI-Indonesia.
Shibani Kashyap, AIR-India.

The audio is now available for download on the ABU Music Exchange (AMX). You could download either the audio version or the video clip – or both – to play on air and/or upload online.

If you need any help accessing the material, or should you require more information, please contact the ABU Head of Radio Olya Booyar at .