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The ABU SONIC International Radio Drama Festival is a new initiative by the ABU to promote the production of quality audio-based drama and to provide quality drama content to its member broadcasters.

The inaugural ABU SONIC International Radio Drama Festival is being hosted by ABU member Radio Republic Indonesia (RRI), 27-29 November 2017 in Yogyakarta.

ABU SONIC is a celebration of audio story telling. At its core, it is the audio equivalent of a film festival that showcases excellence in radio drama production in all its forms, from traditional stand-alone radio dramas to contemporary multi-platform audio productions.

All Radio drama productions entered into ABU SONIC will be considered on their on-air qualities – concept, content, technical and artistic production and innovation – but those in the multimedia sections will also be assessed on how well they use new media tools to enhance the content. The hope is to attract new and younger audiences to radio drama, by making the programs more relevant to the lives they increasingly live. Productions in the Multimedia category of the ABU SONIC Festival will be considered by a panel of international experts on the core drama plus the way such tools as online or mobile data, text, video or other illustrations enhance the storytelling, dramatic effects and the audiences overall enjoyment of the production.

The Festival will therefore recognise excellence in five categories of radio drama: Long Form Drama; Mini Drama; Radio-based Multimedia Drama; Radio Drama Youth Award; and Docudrama.

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