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Shanghai Media Group (SMG) – China

Performer: Tia Ray

Brief intro: 
Yuan Yawei, Urban/Soul Queen, is a representative top singer in the Chinese music scene today. Her singing voice is both delicate and affectionate, yet sonorous and powerful, and her singing skills are also excellent. His outstanding performance in "Singer" made the audience hooked, and he was called the "original singer killer" by netizens. He sang the theme song "Let's Break Up" for the phenomenon-level movie "Exes 3: Goodbye Ex" with a box office of 1.9 billion, which became the most popular movie golden song and set a historical record for single clicks on Chinese music platforms in a single month. In 2018, he performed his personal masterpiece "Think Different" at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. On the stage of "The Year of the Singer", she conquered the audience with her strength and won the title of "Queen of Songs". In 2021, Yuan Yawei's album "The Moon Has Insomnia" has received constant praise since its release. Her TIA characteristics in creation and singing have attracted younger souls. Grammy Award winner Luca once said: "Her voice is a voice that can be understood anywhere in the world." A well-known music critic even called her "both the tea of the East and the wine of the West." She used the soul music in her roots as nourishment to creatively integrate and advance with various music types, redefining Chinese pop music. Created a new genre in China - soul pop, filling the gap in Chinese pop music. She created pop music that belongs to this era, and her musical attitude represents fashion, internationality, and the strength and level of the younger generation.

Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) – Hong Kong, China

Performer: Chau Kat Pui

Brief intro: 
Kat has grown up with a passion for music. He started taking guitar lessons and performed on stage in his teens. He participated in various singing contests and set up a band for pop music while engaging in songwriting. He soon made his appearance in the Hong Kong entertainment field and built up his lead vocal and guitarist posts, extending into TV and media hosting of musical and variety programmes. He brought his experience into the “Midlife, Sing & Shine!” reality TV series hosted by TVB in Hong Kong and won first place. His versatile musical presentation drew media attention that further propelled his performing career.

Doordarshan (DD) – India

Performer: Malini Awasthi

Brief intro: 
Music filled with the fragrance of one’s own land, the sweet melody of the classical nature embedded in it, the sweetness of Indian traditions and culture, and a performance that will leave you spell bound. Born in the city of perfumes, Kannauj, Padma Shree Malini Awasthi, Chair Professor (Banaras Hindu University) and India Representative for UNSECO (cultural commission), much like her name has spread the essence of Indian soil through her passion for Folk Music and traditions. India’s most celebrated folk singer, she says that her soul is in the soil of her land. Passionate about preserving the intangible oral traditions of India. Malini believes that “service to the country and preserving folk culture is my religion. Family, music, literature, travel, village, society- this is my life.” Gandabandha disciple of the legendry Thumri queen of Banaras gharana, Vidushi. Girija Devi Ji, Malini is one of the leading torchbearers of the Purab Ang Gayaki of Banaras. Malini completed her post-graduation in music from Lucknow’s renowned Bhatkhande Sangeet University. Malini went on to establish herself as the one of the most sought-after artists at Aakashvaani (All India Radio), Doordarshan, Sangeet Natak Academy and ICCR (International Council of Cultural Relations). Celebrated artist in the TV media, Malini has performed in famous TV shows like, “Saregama”, “Antakshiri, “Junoon”, “Idea Jalsa”, “Sur Sangram” and all the leading news channels like Zee News, Aaj Tak, ABP News, NDTV and India TV. A globally recognised folk singer from India, Malini has performed across US, England, Netherlands, Dubai, Pakistan, Mauritius, Trinidad, Fiji is and Nepal. With a mission to promote the intangible culture of India, Malini has preserved, documented and disseminated various traditional and folk forms of Indian music like vintage Thumris & Dadras, Kajri, Jhula, Holi, Chaiti, Sanskar Geets, Shram Geets, Ritu Geet, Sufiyna Kalaams and various traditional forms of music from Avadh and Benaras.

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) – Japan

Performer: Ayaka Hirahara

Brief intro:
Following her study of saxophone at a music college, she made her debut with "Jupiter" in 2003, which became one of the biggest selling singles of 2004. She has since performed in numerous major music programs and music awards, including “NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen,” and has established herself as one of the leading singers in Japan. Also, she has been active in the Asian music scene, participating in music festivals in multiple countries and collaborating with artists across a variety of genres, such as Lim Hyung-Joo, a Korean operatic pop singer, and Luo Tianyi, a Chinese virtual singer. Further, she has contributed songs to television dramas in Korea, "The Accidental Couple" (KBS), and Myanmar, "The House of Dreams." (MNTV). In addition to singing, she is also active in the world of acting in musicals and dramas. It is the 20th anniversary of her debut, and she has planned a number of activities to commemorate this milestone.

Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) – Republic of Korea

Performer: Mamamoo+

Brief intro:MAMAMOO+ is the first unit group of MAMAMOO, consisting of Solar and Moon Byul. The unit's name contains the meaning of going beyond MAMAMOO and expanding various activities without limiting music and concepts. In March 2023, they debuted with their first single album [ACT 1, SCENE 1], announcing the full-fledged start of MAMAMOO+. The first single album proved MAMAMOO+'s global influence by landing at the top of domestic and international charts, including the iTunes Top Song Chart and the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart. It is a group that is expected to take a new leap in the future, showing a variety of charms that fit the modifier 'trust-listen MAMAMOO+.'   

Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) – Malaysia

Performer: Aina Abdul

Brief intro:Nurul Aina Abdul Ghani was born on 25 October 1993, Malaysian singer songwriter, record producer,
and lyricist. Her career began as one of the participants in Mentor Legend, where she finished
second. She debuted in 2015 with the single “Ini yang Kau mahu”.
Aina Abdul has made her mark in the Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) competition with notable
achievements. In 2021, she secured First Runner Up at AJL35, followed by winning Best Vocal and
Best Artist Duet at AJL36 in 2022. Her pinnacle moment arrived in 2023 at AJL37, where she once
again, received Best Vocal and clinched the prestigious Anugerah Juara Lagu Ke 37. These accolades highlight her exceptional musical talent and versatility, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the industry. In 2023, Aina Abdul was announced as Malaysian Most Famous Singer by local competition known as ABPBH 2023. Aina is renowned for her distinctive fashion sense. Her eccentric and unconventional style invariably grab the spotlight on social media, making her a central figure in entertainment news headlines.

Teledifusao de Macau, S.A (TDM) –

Performer: Winifai

Brief intro:
Winifai, the award winner of the ‘Best Song of the Year Award’ in the 20th TDM Best of the Pop Music Awards, is an independent singer-songwriter based in Macau. Inspired by the genres of R&B, soul and jazz, winifai has gradually developed her authentic musical style. Since 2019, she started releasing her originals. Her best-known songs are: Irgachefe (2019), Hide And Seek (2020), The Philosophy of Happiness (2023), etc. In an EDM album she released in 2022, the main song Free And Wild, had been featured in a Korean TV show SOMEBODY S2. The song has accumulated over 700k views on YouTube. In 2018, she was a guest performer in the concert of a Taiwanese singer, Wen Yin Liang. From 2018 to 2022, she was awarded one of the twelve ‘Best of the Music Awards’ for her songs in the ‘TDM Best of the Pop Music Music Awards’. In 2019 and 2022, she was also awarded ‘The Best Lyrics Award’ for her originals. It is obvious that her musicality has gained recognition throughout these years. This singer-songwriter is currently active in various music events in Macau and mainland China, as well as on social media.

MTV Channel (Pvt) Limited (MTV) – Sri Lanka

Performer: Sheron Silva

Brief intro:Sheron Silva happens to be one of the most iconic finalists and a performer in the international franchise show Voice in Sri Lanka which concluded in this year. He was truly a showman with great skills for performance, and his singing style had been in star class level throughout the competition. He had been a forerunner in the public voting stage rounds and reached the finals. Before the fame in The Voice Sri Lanka, he has excelled in few local singing competitions such as Inter Arts Music Competition and National Youth Awards for Music as well. Music has been in his blood as his father is a famous musician and academic. Sheron compiled his first music album when he was just 8 years old. The talented youngster got the chance to join one of the famous local pop music bands (D Major) when he was just 17 years old, and travelled to Australia, England, Canada, UAE and Bangladesh as a performer.

The State Committee for Television, Radiobroadcasting and Cinematography of Turkmenistan (TVTM) – Turkmenistan

Performer: Annamyradow Begmyrat

Brief intro:
Annamyradow Begmyrat Jumadurdyyevich was born on October 29, 1983, in Mary province in Turkmenistan. Between 2001 and 2005, he graduated from the Turkmen National Institute of World Languages named after Doveletmammet Azadi, the Romano-German faculty, the English language department, majoring in linguist and literature, translator. Between 2006 and 2007, he worked as an English teacher in the 11th Kindergarten of the Mary Province Department of General Education. Between 2008 and 2009, he worked as a 1st-level concert host in the music department of the Great Saparmurat Turkmenbashi National Culture Center, Mukamlar Palace. Annamyradow is the winner of the competition of the President of Turkmenistan called “Türkemniň altyn asyry” "Turkmen's Golden Age" In 2010, he became the "Bright Star of the Year" and in 2021, "Honored Artist of Turkmenistan"  From 2010 to 2012, he worked as a 1st-level artist-vocalist At the "Various Artists" group of Mukamlar Palace of the Great Saparmurat Turkmenbashi National Culture Center and a 1st-level artist-vocalist of the group "Estrada artists" of the Palace of Mukamlar of the State Culture Center of Turkmenistan from year 2013 to 2014. Between 2014 and 2017, he worked as a high-level artist-vocalist of the group "Estrada artists" of the Palace Mukamlar of the State Culture Center of Turkmenistan. From 2022 to the present, he had been working as a 1st-level artist of the Ashgabat creative group of the Ashgabat city administration.   

Turkish Radio Television Corporation (TRT) – Türkiye

Performer: Umut Sülünoğlu & Uğur Önür

Brief intro:
Umut Sülünoğlu and Uğur Önür are professional musicians from Türkiye. Their genre is Turkish Folk Music, and they are working as artists in the radio department of the Turkish Radio Television Corporation "TRT". They have been playing together since 2015. They started to play and share live performances on YouTube. Their videos became viral quickly and now have over a million views. One of them is "Yolcu" Besides Türkiye they have been performing in concerts in other countries too. During the Covid 19 lockdown, they produced a TV show called "Evde Kal" ("Stay at home"). After the pandemic, they started to produce a TV show called "Zamâne" on TRT Müzik channel and it has been going on for three seasons with 50 episodes. They are continuing to produce music. They have singles and albums on digital platforms as well.

Vietnam Television (VTV) – Vietnam

Performer: Lê Trung Thành – Erik

Brief intro:Erik was born in 1997, is a Gen-Z male singer in Vietnam who owns a series of hit products with more than 100 million views on YouTube, covering all social networks and prestigious music charts such as " After All, Jealousy, You're Not Wrong, We're Wrong, The Most Painful Thing Is Silence,..." In 2016, Erik was honored to win Song of the Year, Phenomenal Song of the Year, TOP 20 songs of the year with the hit 'After Everything' at the Green Wave awards ceremony. Erik's MV Ghen in collaboration with singer MIN was also honored to receive the MV of the Year award at the Zing Music Awards 2018. After being remade in the English version - Ghen CoV, the song Ghen has once again gone viral on TikTok Vietnam. and International with the message 'raise awareness to fight the epidemic'.

The ABU TV Song Festival (ATSF), is envisioned as an annual international gala event to be organized in coordination with ABU members. The year the Festival will be held in KBS Hall as a non-competitive celebration of popular music representing the geographical and cultural expanse of the Asia-Pacific region. At the heart of the Festival will be an one and a half hour concert (“Festival Concert”). With the robust cooperation of ABU member organizations, the Festival will showcase top solo or group talents hailing from an array of national music scenes.