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Description: The National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan (MTRK) is the only broadcasting media structure in the country, distributing its television and radio programs covering 100% of territory of the republic.

MTRK runs in total 26 TV and 16 Radio Channels as “O’zbekiston 24”, “Toshkent”, “Sport” as well as “Madaniyat va ma’rifat”, “Dunyo bo’ylab” and others. MTRK manages the TV and Radio Companies of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and its broadcasting branches in all 11 regions of the republic.

All MTRK Channels are broadcasted on OTT Platform

Content: “O’zbektelefilm” SA which is a part of MTRK annually produces documentaries, features films and series.

A new modern Media Center with large and smaller studios are set for the production of national television shows, talk shows, TV series and entertainment programs.



Mr Rustam Asomov


Tel: +998 71 214 99 94

Mobile: +998 99 898 92 54



Posted on August 21, 2021