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 2019 “Golden Ribbon” Multinational Co-Production Project

 “New Silk Road in My Eyes”

Call for Entry


  1. Project Overview

The 2019 “Golden Ribbon” Multinational Co-Production Project “New Silk Road in My Eyes” (“Project”) was jointly sponsored by China International Television Corporation (“CITVC”) and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (“ABU”), the Xi’an Radio and Television Station. The Project consists of proposal solicitation, expert evaluation, field shooting, “Golden Ribbon” Outstanding Videos Selection and simulcasting of the series of programs. These Rules apply to all aspects of this Project.

The Project is aimed to invite media organizations with broadcasting and production capabilities from various countries to participate in the Project from a personal perspective and in the form of first-person expression. It is designed to form a first-class joint shooting team of Chinese and foreign media, shoot in cities and regions along the Silk Road and search for the imprint of Silk Road culture through the camera’s lens and explore the essence of Silk Road culture.

All participants can submit proposals following “Themes for Selection” and “Cities for Selection”. The Organizing Committee is responsible for proposal discussion and selection. Once the proposal approved, the Organizing Committee will sign cooperation agreements with selected participants. The Organizing Committee will organize the Expert Team to review the creation proposals and communicates on the modification of programs in regards to shortlisted organizations. Each participant will carry out video editing according to the required format after completing shooting. The completed work will qualify to enter the 2019 “Golden Ribbon” Outstanding Videos Selection. The Organizing Committee will packages final-version programs submitted by participating organizations and organize simulcast by all broadcasting members of the Belt and Road Media Community and all participating organizations.

The sponsors will support shooting on locations, including accommodation and transportation in China. And organizations participated in the Project should support their own pre-production and post-production.



  1. Themes for Selection
  2. The Project sets four creation themes for selection: The Customs of Silk Road, The Appeals of Modern Cities, The Adventure of Nature Exploring and The Taste of Silk Road. Each episode focuses on one of the themes, and there are no requirements in terms of number of episodes.


  1. The specific content of the four creation themes are as follows:


The Customs of Silk Road — to explore folk culture along the Silk Road and retrace steps back to the history of Silk Road civilizations.


The Appeals of Modern Cities —to record the development and changes of cities and experience the charm of modern science and technology.


The Adventure of Nature Exploring — to hunt the beauty of unique scenery and experience the beauty of harmony between man and nature.


The Taste of Silk Road — to discover all kinds of famous foods and share the delicacies along the Silk Road.


III. Cities for Selection

Cities along the Silk Road in China are selected as follows:


  • Silk Road overland: Xi’an, Lanzhou, Xining, Zhangye, Dunhuang, Tianshui, Yinchuan, Jiayuguan, Chongqing and others.


  • Maritime Silk Road: Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Haining, Nanjing, Foshan, Quanzhou and others.


  1. Application Conditions
  2. Participants: Media organizations with broadcasting and producing abilities all over the world;


  1. The registered organizations for participant shall ensure the broadcasting of the final works on their own platforms. Broadcasts have the right to select the works within the package of final programs.


  1. Participating organizations may bring their own photographic equipment to China for filming. The Organizing Committee will support the expenses of shooting within China (including accommodation, transportation and outreach).


  1. It is suggested that the number of shooting crew members from each organization should not exceed three (the specific number shall be determined by the Organizing Committee according to the proposal submitted).



  1. Selection Method
  2. Registration method

Participating organizations can download the Project Application Form on the Golden Ribbon official website . Please fill in the required fields.


  1. Materials Submission

Please send the following documents to the designated email:

  1. a) Application Form (Annex 1);
  2. b) Detailed filmmaking budget;
  3. c) Production schedule and date of delivery.
  4. d) List of equipment for shooting and post production.
  5. e) Introduction of the production team (information on the crew who will visit China for program shooting; autobiography of the producer/director, including their list of works);
  6. f) Links to their sample works;
  7. g) Photocopy of the business registration certificate of the participating organization or the production company authorized by the participating organization, the latter one should also supply the authorization letter issued by the participating organization.


  1. Contact Information

Contact Person: Helen Zhao



  1. Timetable
Item Time Content Requirements
1 October 2018 Project release Announcement regarding the establishment of the Organizing Committee at the “Belt and Road Media Community” Summit Forum.
2 November 12 – November 30, 2018 Register and submit completed registration materials Release Application Form, begin process of accepting registration and complete registration materials from production organizations of different countries.
3 December 1 – December 17, 2018 Solicit proposals The Organization Committee collects detailed shooting proposals from the registered organizations.
4 December 17, 2018 – January 12, 2019 Expert review The Expert Team reviews the creation proposals and communicates on the modification of programs in regards to shortlisted organizations.
5 January 19, 2019 Submit the final proposals After modification and improvement, the shortlisted organizations submit their final shooting proposals.
6 January 19 –

February 15, 2019

Prepare matters concerning entry and shooting Negotiation with all organizations on matters concerning entry and shooting.
7 April – May, 2019 Field shooting All creation teams enter the creation phase, and the Organizing Committee assigns an expert team and an international production team to guide and supervise artistic creation and short film shooting.
8 June – July 15, 2019 Editing Participating organizations carry out video editing according to the required format after completing shooting.
9 July 19, 2019 Submit trailers All participating organizations complete editing of trailers. Narration, if included, shall be submitted together with a file containing narration lines and timecode.
10 July 29, 2019 Submit non-subtitled version films Participating organizations complete editing and submit un-subtitled versions of their films.
11 July 31-

August 23, 2019

In the first review of the final-version film, the Organizing Committee will communicate with the producers and reach a consensus on the revisions to the short documentaries. If necessary, the Organizing Committee will communicate with the producers and determine the final revised versions.
12 August 26 –August 30, 2019 Submit final-version films The participating organizations complete the submission of final-version films to the Organizing Committee, including script and English SRT subtitle with timecode.
13 September, 2019 Final Selection for outstanding “Golden Ribbon” programs Final review of the submitted programs and all completed programs will be qualified to participate in the 2019 “Golden Ribbon” selection for Outstanding Programs.
14 October 1– October 25, 2019 Program packaging The Organizing Committee uniformly packages final-version programs submitted by participating organizations.
15 December 12, 2019 – 2020 Program simulcasting After all works are translated and packaged, simulcasting will be organized for all broadcasting members of the Belt and Road Media Community and all participating organizations.

(The timetable above may be adjusted slightly according to the actual program situation.)