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The Pacific Media Partnership Conference (PMPC) 2012 was held on 20 September in Samoa with the theme “Media and Society in the Pacific: Making a Difference”. More than 100 delegates from the Pacific region and around the world took part in the one-day conference.

Bahadir Gurler, ABU Technology, represented the ABU at the conference.

The Acting Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Samoa, Hon Fonotoe Pierre Meredith delivered the keynote address at the inaugural session, urging broadcasters in the Pacific region to take up the challenges and make an impact on the society to improve the quality of life for people.

Four plenary sessions were held during the conference focusing on media and development, women and children’s issues, social media and content delivery, and enhancing public trust in media.

Given the tremendous influence that media wields in modern society, such as being able to shape public debate and popular opinion, this conference delved into the social role for broadcast media in the Pacific region. In particular, it looked at the media’s unique part in ensuring that essential developmental needs for countries are met, key segments of society are properly represented, new web-based and mobile technologies are best incorporated, and most importantly, the trust of the public is secured.

The conference, which is on its 3rd year in existence, is jointly organised by the AIBD, ABU, and Pacific Media Partnership.

The PMPC 2012 was hosted by Samoa Quality Broadcasting Company Ltd. with Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS) and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) as major partners and supported by ABC, RNZ, SOPAC, SPREP, WHO, Australian Aid and CBA.